Roadkill Diner

roadkill dineR 7 printStage Play Excerpt


This is Boone Docks at KARP radio with the latest KARP weather forecast. We predict lots of soggy drawers and chafed thighs as the heat wave continues. We advise stocking up with plenty of liquor and Dr. Rash’s prickly heat itching powder to sooth away those savage nights. Now a word from our sponsor, Ethyl Mae’s Beauty and Chain Saw Repair. Hit it Ethyl Mae.

Ladies, does your chain saw slip cutting those monster logs? Does your hubby prefer DAYbilitated smoothness? Come on down girls and get yourself prettied up and have your chain saw repaired too at Ethyl Mae’s Beauty and Chain Saw Repair conveniently located by the city dump. Beauty, GLAmour and a cord of wood can all be yours at Ethyl Mae’s Beauty and Chain Saw Repair. Just remember ladies, if Ethyl Mae can’t cut a big one, it’s immortal.

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