Boom Boom Burlesque is a Blast!!!

Last night James and I celebrated Halloween by attending the “Boom Boom Burlesque” show at Cite des Arts. Before last night’s show, I was a “Boom Boom” virgin, but the bawdy, busty ladies and two sexy boys readily took care of that aspect.  The packed house hooted and hollered their approval of the risqué, sexy performances led by skeleton host master, Rick Rowan.  Boom Boom is everything of the old-style burlesque traditions of dance, satire, innuendo, and comedy, and a whole lot more. Their next live show will be “Boom Boom Burlesque After Dark” at Steampunk Maker’s Fair at Cite des Arts, November 9th, the show promises to be sizzling hot! For more information about performances and the Steampunk Maker’s Fair go to

Halloween 2013
Halloween 2013
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