Madame Gigi

Madame Gigi is based on the true life story of the late Gisèle “Gigi” Carriton.
Madame Gigi book
Madame Gigi sequel to Mademoiselle Gigi is published by UL-Press

Set in the carefree, changing times of the 1960s and 1970s, Madame Gigi (the sequel to Dennis Ward’s debut novel, Mademoiselle Gigi, is based on the true life story of the late Gisèle “Gigi” Carriton, owner of the infamous gay nightclub, Chez Gigi. In an era of emerging gay rights and culture, Gigi’s Parisian style cabaret shows, full of local music, bawdy drag queens, and campy live acts are wildly popular with gays and straights alike. Gigi hires a down-on-his-luck bartender, the handsome ex-football player Clarence Dupuis, to protect her employees and clientele. With her new right-hand man and her trio of headliner drag queens—Miss Deau, Miss Marie, and Miss Fancy Fontenot, Chez Gigi develops a reputation as the hottest club in the south. However, all is not well in the Cajun heartlands.

Having barely survived the Nazi occupation of France as a young Jewish girl, Gigi once again finds herself fighting against the forces of evil and intolerance.

King Firsen, a powerful man with his eye on the governor’s seat, enlists vicious thugs to attack the club and run Gigi out of Lafayette. Gigi fights tooth and nail to keep her club open and her gay friends safe, but she extolls a high price for the battle.