Announcing the release of Gigi series

University of Louisana’s, UL-Press, releases, Dennis Ward’s novel, Madame Gigi.

Madame Gigi, the second book in the Gigi series, continues the epic story of Gigi’s life in America.

She reaches the shores of America in the spring of 1946 after
Madame Gigi book
Madame Gigi sequel to Mademoiselle Gigi is published by UL-Press
surviving the holocaust. Foremost in her thoughts is reuniting with her new Cajun husband, but standing alone on the harbor dock, she feels devastated he has broken his promise to meet her. She and another war bride plunge ahead and travel together by train to Louisiana. After two decades in America, Gigi is a twice-divorced, penniless mother of five sons. At forty years of age, she feels at the lowest point of her life.


However, she is about to enter a serendipitous period of her life. She renovates and opens a small, elegant bar for executive types in downtown Lafayette.

Business is tepid until three gay boys spread the word that a beautiful French lady has a Parisian-style bar that welcomes gay people. Add three saucy drag queens to the mix and the bar becomes the hottest ticket between Houston and New Orleans. Gigi needs a right-hand man. She hires a handsome, disabled, gay veteran, Clarence, who becomes her soul mate. She moves to a new location that accommodates six-hundred people and expands the cabaret shows. The club’s success attracts the attention of a powerful man with unbridled ambition to become Louisiana’s next governor. He vows to shut down the popular nightclub and run Gigi out of Lafayette by any means, even murder.

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 Madame Gigi, the sequel, is a mesmerizing read that takes the reader on a page-turning journey of the unique culture of south Louisiana

The second book of the Gigi series is based on the life of Gisèle “Gigi” Carriton. The two books of the Gigi Series will resonant long after the final page is read.

Since 2012, Dennis has been intensively writing and editing two novels, Mademoiselle Gigi and Madame Gigi. The two books, published by the University of Louisiana Press’ fiction imprint, Sans Souci Books, comprise the Gigi series. The books were a labor of love that pays tribute to his late friend, Gisèle “Gigi” Carriton.

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He has often said that he can’t believe he’s written two novels, a full-length play, Chez Gisèle, and incubating a third book in the series since he first met a funny, beautiful French lady at a restaurant in Breaux Bridge in 2001.
Dennis Ward, author or Gigi Series
Dennis Ward, author of Gigi Series

He hopes a wide audience of readers will read the series and they will fall in love with Gigi as he did so long ago. Here’s a brief summary of both books. Please consider telling your friends about the Gigi series.  Word of mouth buzz is the best advertising. Happy reading!







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